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The purpose of the International Outreach Committee is to identify and partner with emerging breast imaging societies outside of the United States to cosponsor educational programs designed to improve knowledge and clinical care worldwide.


The goal is to collaboratively design an educational program with the host society and provide content experts in the field of breast imaging.  


Chair of the International Education Outreach Committee is Murray Rebner, MD, FSBI. Other members include Michael Linver, MD, FSBI, Sughra Raza, MD, FSBI, Elizabeth Morris, MD, FSBI, Victoria Mango, MD, FSBI, Rebecca Gerber, MD, Jessica Leung, MD, FSBI, Jean Seely, MD, Katrina Glazebrook, MD, FSBI, Margaret Szabunio, MD.

Past Partnerships:

Breast Imaging Society of India (BISI)
November 12 - 13, 2016
Chandigarh, India

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Radiological Society of South Africa and Breast Imaging Society of South Africa (RSSA-BISSA)
May 5-8, 2016
Stellenbosch, South Africa

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For more information about cosponsoring an international educational program please complete this form by clicking here.   

Interested Members:

Are you interested in traveling abroad to participate at an international meeting, either as a speaker or trainer? The SBI would like to compile a database of interested members who would be willing to self-fund themselves to speak at international society meetings. If you are interested, please click on this link to complete the form:

International Education Outreach Interested Members Form

*Submitting this form does not guarantee invitation to speak at a meeting*

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