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Survey Name: Dense Breast Ultrasound Screening Survey
Survey Linkhttps://redcap.lifespan.org/redcap/surveys/index.php?s=THLJ3K7AK9
Survey Contact: Ana P. Lourenco, MD
Survey Contact Email: alourenco@lifespan.org
Survey Expiration Date: March 17, 2017


We aim to survey practicing radiologists about their recommendations for adjunct screening (if any) in women with dense breasts.  Given the lack of formal guidelines, this remains a confusing and controversial topic for many.  Additional information about what practicing radiologists are recommending may be helpful to guide decision making.

This brief (~ 5min) survey is confidential, completely voluntary, and may not benefit you personally. The study is IRB approved.

Survey Name: SBI Fellows Survey
Survey Link:  https://SBIFellowsSurvey2016
For technical support contact:  Tiffany Lipp, tlipp@acr.org 
For questions regarding the content of this survey contact:  Elizabeth Kagen, MD, ela9033@med.cornell.edu

Purpose:  This is a survey of fellows of the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) regarding the natural history of screen-detected untreated biopsy-proven breast cancer.

 -- If there is more than one SBI fellow in your practice, then thank you for completing the survey together.

-- If you have access to your practice's audit data, then obtain it prior to starting the survey; if audit data is not available, then thank you for answering the questions with your best estimate.