NOTICE: Please take a moment to review the updated application criteria below as it is important you are aware of our nomination process. 

Application Criteria

  • Achievement of 100 or more points, with a minimum of 40 points in the category of Publications      
  • Nominations must be supported by two (2) current Fellows of the Society      
  • The nominee must be a SBI general member for a minimum of five years     
  • You must be present at a SBI Fellows meeting to become a Fellow      

Publications Criteria:

**Publications must have a breast imaging specific focus**

  • Three (3) 1st Author (5 points each) publications in the category of Scientific Articles in a Peer Review Journal are required. SBI will accept evidence of Senior or Corresponding author and award 5 points after the initial 1st Author publication requirement has been met.
  •  2nd or Last Author points (3 points each) are awarded in the categories of Scientific Articles in Peer Review Journals, Chapters or Monographs, Review Articles and Editorials in Peer Review Journals.
  • 3rd and Subsequent Author points (1 point each) are awarded in the categories of Scientific Articles in Peer Review Journals, Chapters or Monographs, and Review Articles in Peer Review Journals, Editorials and Case Reports.
  • SBI requires a minimum submission of 10 supporting articles to serve as representation of the applicant’s best work in breast imaging. More than 10 can be submitted to support the application. All articles listed to achieve the required publications points must be included on the application.

Present/Teach/Clinical Criteria:

  • Scientific paper, refresher course, and/or exhibit on breast imaging at a national or regional meeting must have occurred within the last five years of the date of this application and not at one's own institution or department. 1st Author (4 points each); Subsequent Author (1 point) each.
  • Invited lecturer on breast imaging topic, Cat 1 CME must have occurred within last 5 years of date of this application and not at own institution or department. 3 points each.


  • Please complete the Fellows Nomination form completely, including all three (3) worksheets of the Excel document.
  • Include an electronic copy of your Nomination Form and current CV. Attach PDF copies of the required minimum publications cited in the Publications section of the Nomination Form using the instructions as described below:
  • Convert CV and Letters of Support into PDF files. Excel File of Nomination Form may remain as is. Supporting documentation should use the following naming conventions:
    • “Applicant Last Name_Nomination Form” (remains as Excel file)
    • “Applicant Last Name_CV”
    •  “Applicant Last Name_First Letter of Support_Last Name of Sponsoring Fellow”
    •  “Applicant Last Name_Second Letter of Support_Last Name of Sponsoring Fellow”
    •  Supporting articles: “Applicant Last Name_Article 1” and so on for total number of articles submitted. Please number articles in the order they are listed on the Nomination form in the Publications section.
  •  Send your completed Nomination Form electronically to the First Sponsoring SBI Fellow for their review, signature and First Letter of Support. The supporting Fellow must review the application, paying close attention to points and articles listed. Once approved, First Supporting Fellow should sign off on the Nomination Form (second signature required) and forward the Nomination Form back to the applicant.
  •  Request the First and Second Sponsoring SBI Fellow send their letter of support directly to the SBI office via email.
  • Applicant must send all materials to info@sbi-online.org. Please use the subject: SBI Fellow Nomination for insert name.
  • Applications will not be processed until all required documentation has been submitted. Applicants will be notified when their file is complete and ready for review. The approximate time for processing, review and approval of the application is six weeks.

Please direct all application questions to Yasmeen Fields at yfields@sbi-online.org.

SBI Fellows Nomination form