Thursday, June 28, 2018

Many Female Cancer Patients From Gaza No Longer Able To Access Treatment In Israel.

Ruth Margalit writes in the New Yorker (6/28) that many Palestinian women from Gaza and the West Bank seeking treatment for cancer in Israel are no longer able to receive care. Since the beginning of the year, “with no announcement of a change in policy, more than half of applications for medical permits from Gaza have been turned down or left unanswered, according to Physicians for Human Rights – Israel,” although in 2012 “Israel approved ninety-two per cent of medical permits for Gazans.” Margalit says that for women who are refused permission for treatment in Israel, the “options in Gaza are dismal: its public hospitals have no MRI machines and only a handful of functioning mammogram machines, so...[they have] no way of receiving a diagnosis, let alone treatment.”

Author: Nicole Hardy

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