Friday, August 7, 2015

Shorter Radiotherapy Regimen May Be Better For Certain Patients With Breast Cancer

The Houston Chronicle (8/7, Ackerman) reports that research published in JAMA Oncology suggests that “women with early stage breast cancer are better off with a shorter, more powerful course of radiation therapy.” Investigators “found that patients who received higher doses of whole breast radiation over four weeks experienced fewer side effects and a better quality of life compared to those who received lower doses over six weeks.”

HealthDay (8/7, Preidt) reports that physicians “should use this higher-dose approach – called hypofractionated whole breast irradiation – as a starting point when discussing treatment options with breast cancer patients...said” the investigators.

MedPage Today (8/7, Bankhead) reports that “the authors of an accompanying editorial said ‘the mounting evidence supporting hypofractionation can no longer be ignored.’” Medscape (8/7, Castellino) also covers the story. 


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