Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Researchers Find Wide Variation in Breast Density Assessment Across Radiologists

Reuters (7/18, Doyle) reports that research published online in Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that “radiologists don’t agree on what qualifies as ‘dense breasts.’”

The NPR (7/18, Hobson) “Shots” reports that investigators “looked at 216,783 mammograms from more than 145,000 women, interpreted by 83 radiologists in Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.” The researchers found that “the average proportion of mammograms that fell into the ‘extremely dense’ or ‘heterogeneously dense’ categories was 38.7 percent.” However, “the proportion of mammograms assigned to those two categories by individual radiologists ranged from 6.3 percent to 84.5 percent.”

Meanwhile, HealthDay (7/18, Norton) reports that “among women who had two consecutive mammograms read by different radiologists, 17 percent had a different density rating on the two tests.” 


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