Friday, July 29, 2016

Turning To Internet, Social Media For Information About Breast Cancer Treatment May Help Patients Feel Good About Choice Of Therapy

HealthDay (7/28, Dotinga) reports that research indicated “women who communicated via social media after a breast cancer diagnosis and received information and/or support about treatment approaches were happier with their ultimate decisions.” The findings were published in JAMA Oncology.


Medscape (7/28, Jenkins) reports that “analysis of a diverse, population-based sample of 2460 women who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer reveals that 41% were emailing, texting, going on Twitter and Facebook, and turning to blogs and Web-based support groups to exchange information about treatment options and to get help dealing with negative emotions.” Those “who most frequently used the Internet and social media” had “a high degree of satisfaction with physician recommendations and their treatment choices in comparison with” those who did not go online. Additionally, women “who used online communication the most...took more time to consider their treatment decision” and “were more satisfied once the decision was made.”


Aunt Minnie (7/28) reports that “younger women with more education were more likely to use online communication, and white and Asian women were also more frequent users.” 


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