Thursday, November 5, 2015

SBI members continue to respond to the American Cancer Society's breast screening guidelines:

SBI Fellow, Peter R. Eby, MD, Virginia Mason University, writes about how to understand the ACS breast cancer screening guidelines and answers frequently asked questions about mammography in a column published on The Fremocentrist.  

SBI Member, Anne C. Hoyt, MD, Medical Director of Breast Imaging at UCLA, wrote an op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times about why women should still regularly get mammograms. She wrote, "Clearly, women at high risk for developing breast cancer should be screened annually, but the flip-side assumption that women with no identifiable risk factors should be screened less frequently is incorrect."

SBI Fellow, Michael Linver, MD, told the Tribune-Star in Terre Haute, Indiana, the ACS has sent a confusing message to women about when to begin annual screenings. He says, "For these women to have the opportunity to have the breast cancer found when it was highly curable, versus when it’s not highly curable, is criminal to me.”

SBI Member, Nathaniel Margolis, MD, Medical Director, Ray W. Moody M.D. Breast Center at Orange Regional Medical Center, told the Times Herald-Record in Middleton, NY, delaying annual screenings will not help reduce a patient's anxiety over suspicious findings. He says, "when discovered early, some cancers can be treated with surgery and radiation alone. That means women may be able to avoid more anxiety-producing, expensive treatments like chemotherapy.” 

SBI Member, James Brenner, MD, Carol Ann Read Breast Health Center, spoke to KTVU in the San Francisco Bay area and explains the confusion behind the ACS guidelines and the factors that led to the new recommendations. 

SBI Member, Jean Seely, MD, head of breast imaging at the Ottawa Hospital in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging, discusses efforts to reach out to new Canadians to encourage them to begin breast cancer screenings at age 40, in an interview with CTV Ottawa.


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