Monday, December 12, 2016

MRI-Detected Small Enhancing Masses and New Small Enhancing Foci May Be Early Signs of Breast Cancer in Women at High Risk

HealthImaging (12/8, Pearson) reports on a study published online in Clinical Radiology finding that “MRI-detected small enhancing masses and new small enhancing foci, including those smaller than 5 millimeters, should be considered suspicious in women at high risk for breast cancer.” The researchers examined a “family-history database for women who had undergone screening MRI and been diagnosed with breast cancer within two years of the MRI exam.” Of the 23 women they identified, ten “had potentially avoidable delays in diagnosis.” Common reasons for the delay were “small enhancing masses that were overlooked, areas of non-mass enhancement that showed little or no change between screens, false reassurance from normal conventional imaging at assessment, and overreliance on short-interval repeat MRI.” 

Author: SuperUser121

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