Friday, March 10, 2017

Oregon Physicians Urge State Commission to Approve Use of 3-D Mammography Machines for Medicaid Reimbursement

The Bend (OR) Bulletin (3/9, Bannow) reports all of Central Oregon’s imaging providers have switched to 3-D mammography machines after the federal government approved their usage. The Bulletin writes, “At its meeting Thursday, the commission that decides what OHP covers may vote on whether the program will pay for 3-D mammography for women ages 40 to 74 with an average breast cancer risk. The program for low-income individuals currently covers 2-D mammography for that population.” Physicians in Oregon point to studies demonstrating the effectiveness of 3-D machines as reasons for the need to cover the procedures, and they also pointed to claims that the switch could save the state $8.14 per scan. 


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