Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Survey: Oncologists Treat Women Over 69 With Adjuvant Radiotherapy After Lumpectomy For Early-stage Breast Cancer Despite Evidence Against Benefits.

Medscape (10/11, Harrison) reports a study published in the Annals Of Surgical Oncology in July found that “a large proportion of surgeons in the United States and even a good percentage of radiation oncologists still insist on treating women aged 70 years and older with adjuvant radiotherapy after they undergo lumpectomy for early-stage breast cancer,” in spite of “overwhelming evidence that adjuvant radiotherapy provides no survival benefit and very little protection against recurrence compared with no radiation.” A survey conducted in follow-up to the study revealed “that 40% of surgeons and 20% of radiation oncologists felt that omitting radiotherapy after lumpectomy was ‘unreasonable.’” In addition, “almost half of the surgeons surveyed were concerned about legal liability issues if radiotherapy were omitted and patients subsequently developed a local recurrence, as were about one quarter of radiation oncologists.” 

Author: Alan Boyce

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