Thursday, November 30, 2017

Abbreviated MRI Presented As Means To Improve Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer.

Medscape (11/30, Hein) reports on a study presented at an RSNA meeting arguing “abbreviated MRI protocols could dramatically improve the diagnosis of breast cancer and lead to the earlier diagnosis of a lot more women, especially those with fast-growing cancers.” Christiane Kuhl, MD, from University of Aachen in Germany, who presented, said that MRI is “by far the most accurate imaging method for diagnosis.” The study included “1,450 women with dense breast tissue who are at average risk for breast cancer.” Kuhl explains that while “a typical MRI study takes up to 40 minutes and generates several hundred images,” the abbreviated form “has a 3-minute magnet time and an abridged image interpretation time (about 30 seconds), generates only one precontrast and one postcontrast T1 weighted image set, and uses maximum-intensity projections to fuse the first postcontrast subtracted images into one single high-contrast image.”

Author: Nicole Hardy

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