Friday, December 8, 2017

Study Finds Community Practices Not Following Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines.

DOT Med News (12/8, Dubinsky) reported a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that “community practices are not abiding by MR breast cancer screening guidelines.” The guidelines are supported by “the American Cancer Society, American College of Radiology and Society of Breast Imaging,” and “recommend MR exams for women who have a 20 percent or higher chance of developing breast cancer.” The study included data from the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium including “348,955 women in given regional BCSC regional registries who underwent mammograms and 1,499 who also received MR exams.” Overall, “about 83 percent of screening MR exams were performed on women who did not meet” the guidelines while “only a small amount of the women who met the professional guidelines received MR exams.”

Author: Nicole Hardy

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