Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Radiation Therapy May Be OK For Breast Cancer Patients Who Have Scleroderma, Research Suggests.

MedPage Today (1/10, Walsh) reports that research suggests “long-term cutaneous fibrosis can occur following radiation therapy for breast cancer among women with scleroderma, although acute toxicity from radiation was rare and the autoimmune disease did not flare.” Researchers found that “few patients who received radiation had acute skin toxicity such as blistering or ulceration, but” approximately “half (48.4% to 54.6%) experienced long-term radiation-induced skin fibrosis or thickening that was localized to the field of radiation.” At one year “after the cancer diagnosis, there was no evidence of scleroderma disease flare, in that no significant difference was seen on modified Rodnan skin scores between patients who had received radiation and those without radiation.” The findings were published online in Arthritis Care & Research.

Author: Nicole Hardy

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