Friday, January 12, 2018

Chest CT Scans Should Be Reviewed For Breast Lesions, Study Suggests.

Aunt Minnie (1/12) reports a new study published in Clinical Imaging recommends that “incidental breast lesions detected in women receiving chest CT exams” should be followed up on, and suggests “that a new reporting scale similar to BI-RADS be used to classify the findings.” The study concluded that “radiologists examining CT scans spotted 82% of the nodules identified on mammograms.” Lead author Dr. Laurie Margolies from Mount Sinai Health System explained, “My great fear is that there will be a group of women who won’t have yearly mammograms anymore...and there is a danger that some of these women will develop cancers,” adding, “if those women happen also to be getting chest CT exams...we do have the opportunity to look at the breast [and] see some things on the order of incidental findings.”

Author: Nicole Hardy

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