Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Some Say Evidence For Recommending 3-D Breast Scanning Over 2-D Is Inconclusive.

Kaiser Health News (1/16, Andrews) reports on whether a 3-D mammogram is more effective than “the standard test.” The article says that research has “generally shown that the 3-D test is slightly better at detecting cancers than the 2-D test,” but there is doubt as to whether the 3-D tests are “any better at identifying the advanced cancers that will become lethal.” Dr. Etta Pisano, chief science officer at the American College of Radiology’s Center for Research and Innovation, explained, “Cancers don’t always progress and kill people.” She added, “Costs are high for new technologies. ... Maybe they are better, but we need to have evidence before we recommend it for the entire population.”

Author: Nicole Hardy

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