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It can be challenging to find a brief, current review on cutting edge topics. Here we provide "white papers," which are brief overviews on current topics written by Society members who are experts in these areas. The topics of the white papers will vary over time depending upon what is new, evolving, or of current interest. All papers have undergone review by the SBI Scientific Advisory Committee and approved by the SBI Board of Directors. We hope that you will find these helpful.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good Social Support Networks May Be Linked to Better Breast Cancer Outcomes, Study Suggests

Reuters (12/12, Seaman) reports that research suggests “breast cancer survivors with good social support networks seem to live longer and to have a lower risk of their cancer returning.” The findings were published in Cancer. Investigators found that “women with few social connections had a 43 percent higher risk of breast cancer returning, compared to well-connected women.” Meanwhile, “isolated women were 64 percent more likely to die from breast cancer and 69 percent more likely to die of any cause during the course of the study, compared to their counterparts with many social ties.”

HealthDay (12/12, Reinberg) reports, “The links between social connections and prognosis were strongest among women with earlier stage cancer...said” the investigators. The Telegraph (UK) (12/12, Bodkin) also covers the story. 


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