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It can be challenging to find a brief, current review on cutting edge topics. Here we provide "white papers," which are brief overviews on current topics written by Society members who are experts in these areas. The topics of the white papers will vary over time depending upon what is new, evolving, or of current interest. All papers have undergone review by the SBI Scientific Advisory Committee and approved by the SBI Board of Directors. We hope that you will find these helpful.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of the white papers reflects the perspective of the authors and not necessarily the position of the Society of Breast Imaging.


New York City Public Advocate Calls on NYC, State of New York to Expand Access to DBT

Aunt Minnie (10/26) reports, “New York City Public Advocate Letitia James has called on New York City and the state of New York to expand access to digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).” Earlier this week “in a...press conference, James requested that NYC Health + Hospitals invest in DBT technology and for the state to add DBT to its Medicaid benefits...
October 27, 2016 0 Comments

NJ Law Requiring Insurance Companies to Pay for Supplemental Ultrasound, MR Screening for Dense Breasts Has Led to Better Patient Care, Outcomes, Study Suggests

DOT Med News (10/26, Mitchell) reports that a “study of a 2014 law that requires insurance companies to pay for supplemental ultrasound and/or MR screening if a woman has dense breasts diagnosed reveals that it has resulted in better patient care and outcomes.” Dr. Linda Sanders, lead author of the study, told HCB News, “The number of supplemental...
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Issue 4 - 2016

Issue 4 - 2016

October 27, 2016 0 Comments

PET/MRI for Patients with Breast Cancer May Help Identify Liver, Bone Metastases, But Not Pulmonary Metastases

Diagnostic Imaging (10/19) reports that research suggests “imaging with PET and MRI for patients with breast cancer may help identify liver and bone metastases, but not pulmonary metastases.” The findings were published in Radiology. 
October 26, 2016 0 Comments

New Jersey Breast Density Law Led to Increased Screening, Reduced Number of Biopsies, Study Indicates

Diagnostic Imaging (10/17) reports that research indicated “supplemental screening ultrasound and MRI examinations among women with dense breast tissue increased after the implementation of the New Jersey breast density law (NJBDL), while use of MRI reduced the number of biopsies.” The...
October 19, 2016 0 Comments

Directed Ultrasound Added to Digital Mammography Provides Little Value in Evaluating Women with Nondense Breasts and Focal Breast Pain, Study Finds

HealthImaging (10/18, Pearson) reports, “Clinicians evaluating women with nondense breasts who are experiencing focal breast pain will find little to no value adding directed ultrasound to digital mammography when the latter is indicated due to screening scheduling,” researchers found....
October 19, 2016 0 Comments