Gold Medal Winners

The SBI Gold Medal recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of breast imaging and for distinguished and extraordinary service to the Society of Breast Imaging and other medical societies and organizations. Prior recipients of this honor include:

Michael N. Linver, MD April 11, 2021
Debra L. Monticciolo, MD April 5, 2019
Linda J. Warren, MD April 13, 2018
Peter J. Dempsey, MD April 7, 2017
Carol H. Lee, MD April 8, 2016
W. Phil Evans, MD April 25, 2015
D. David Dershaw, MD April 7, 2013
Barbara Monsees, MD May 19, 2011
Carl J D’Orsi, MD April 27, 2009
Valerie P. Jackson, MD April 14, 2007
Daniel B. Kopans, MD May 25, 2005
Stephen A. Feig, MD April 15, 2003
Laszlo Tabar, MD May 18, 2001
Edward A. Sickles, MD May 29, 1999
Lawrence W. Bassett, MD April 19, 1997
Gerald D. Dodd, Jr., MD May 13, 1995
Myron Moskowitz, MD May 13, 1995
Robert Egan, MD May 13, 1995

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are "individuals who have made outstanding contributions to breast imaging and who are otherwise eligible for membership in the society." They are elected by a majority of the Active Fellows and remain dues exempt members for life. Past Honorary Fellows include:

Therese B. Bevers, MD, FAAFP April 11, 2021 
Nola Hylton, PhD April 5, 2019 
Louise C. Miller, RT(R)(M) April 7, 2017 
M. Shawn Farley, MA April 8, 2016 
Martin Yaffe, M.SC, PhD April 25, 2015
Penny Butler, MS April 7, 2013
Debra Deibel, R.T. (R)(M) May 19, 2011
Stephen W. Duffy, MD April 27, 2009
C. Whitaker Sewell, MD May 25, 2005
Rita Heinlein, R.T. (R)(M) April 15, 2003
Pam Wilcox, RN, MBA May 18, 2001
Arthur Haus May 29, 1999
Robert Smith, PhD April 15, 1996
Marie Zinninger May, 1995
Ingvar Andersson, MD
July 1, 1991

SBI Special Recognition

The Special Recognition Award is given to individuals for their extraordinary contribution to breast imaging.

 R. Edward Hendrick, PhD
 Marc J. Homer, MD
 Daniel B. Kopans, MD