Breast Imaging Fellowship Curriculum

The breast imaging training curriculum has been designed principally [a] to provide guidance to academic chairs, residency program directors, and academic section chiefs in assessing and improving their residency and fellowship training programs, and [b] to indicate to residents and breast imaging fellows the topics they need to learn and the experience they should try to acquire during their training. Radiologists already in practice also may find the curriculum useful in outlining the material they need to know to remain up to date in the practice of breast imaging.

In 2021, the first ever curriculum dedicated to breast imaging fellowships was published. This curriculum strives to address the constantly evolving field of breast imaging by focusing on four discrete skill sets: clinical, noninterpretive, collaborative, and scholarly. The intention of this new curriculum is to clearly delineate guidelines for fellowship training in order to develop well rounded graduates who are confident to exit as independent and skilled breast imagers.