Fellows of the Society of Breast Imaging

Fellowship Eligibility

Definition of an SBI Fellow: a recognized leader in the field of breast imaging.

SBI Fellowship is among the highest honors bestowed upon members of the Society of Breast Imaging. In order to demonstrate leadership in breast imaging, the fellowship candidate should be able to identify sustained and verifiable success in at least three of the four following categories:

  1. Breast-related scientific/academic accomplishment including:
    • Publications
      a. Peer-reviewed journals
      b. Book chapters
      c. Review articles
      d. Editorials in peer-reviewed journals
      e. Case reports in peer-reviewed journals
      f. Articles in the lay press
    • Abstracts presented at scientific meetings
    • Patents/Grants
  2. Medical education related to breast imaging/breast disease, breast wellness:
    • Medical students/residents/fellows
    • Breast imaging technologists
    • Undergraduates, graduates, post-graduates
    • Service on boards or bodies that set standards, curricula, or certification of qualifications to practice
    • Development of innovative teaching material pertaining to breast imaging
    • Educational exhibits at local, state, national meetings
    • Lay education
  3. Administrative or Political activities impacting breast health:
    • Radiology society related
    • Other medical society related
    • Elected positions on local, state, federal boards/panels
    • Appointed positions of local, state, federal boards/panels
    • Media-related appearances on behalf of breast health
    • Legislative advocacy
    • Active participation in charity-related breast specific organizations
    • Military service with demonstrable direct impact on breast-related issues
  4. Service to Patients or to the Society of Breast Imaging:
    • Committee participation
    • Appointed positions
    • Journal of Breast Imaging peer-review activities
    • Legislative advocacy
    • Lay outreach
    • Annual meeting attendance
    • Sustained involvement in global issues dealing with breast health care, providing education or imaging assistance to underdeveloped countries

SBI Fellow Nomination Process

To apply for SBI Fellowship:

  1. Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years of continuous, full dues-paying SBI membership in the Physician or Medical Physicist categories extending up to the time of application and following completion of a breast imaging fellowship or other equivalent training. Interruption or non-payment of dues in any year will reset the clock regarding continuous membership.
  2. Applications must include a Personal Statement detailing the candidate’s activities and accomplishments that warrant consideration for fellowship. These should relate to the guidelines listed above but other similar activities will be considered. This personal statement should not exceed two single-spaced typewritten pages, font size 12. A separate updated CV should also be included with the application.
  3. Applicant must submit two letters of support written by active SBI Fellows. Only one letter can be from the same system/institution/practice as the applicant. First and Second Supporting Fellows must email their letters directly to SBI staff at nward@sbi-online.org.
  4. Applicant must complete the SBI Nomination Form. This Excel file is downloadable from the right hand tabs on this webpage. All four sheets of the form must be completed.
    • Achievement of 100 or more points is required, with a minimum of 40 points in the category of Publications.
    • Publications must have a breast imaging specific focus. Three first-author publications in the category of Scientific Articles in a Peer Reviewed Journal are required (5 points each).
    • All articles are subject to review and acceptance if not included in the primary list of acceptable publications. To view a list of acceptable publications, please click here.
    • An applicant can only submit up to three committee-based publications, e.g. ACR Practice Parameters, for consideration of Publication points.
  5. Applicant must email PDF copies of a minimum of 10 publications cited on the Publication Sheet of the Nomination Form. Please send the 10 articles that are reflective of your best work. All articles listed to achieve the required publications points must be included with the application. All first author articles should be submitted.
  6. Send all application materials to the first supporting SBI Fellow for their review. The supporting Fellow must review and approve the points listed.
  7. Email the nomination form, personal statement, CV, and 10 PDF articles to SBI staff member Natalie Ward at nward@sbi-online.org.
  8. There are two application review cycles for SBI Fellowship: the Fall/Winter application cycle for induction at the RSNA Annual Meeting, and the Spring cycle for induction at the SBI Annual Symposium. Applications for RSNA 2024 induction are due on September 13, 2024. Applications for SBI 2025 induction are due in February 2025 (date TBA).
  9. Applicants must meet the minimum points criteria and submit complete applications by the deadline to be reviewed by the Fellows Committee. Incomplete applications will not be considered. It is the candidate's and supporting Fellows' responsibilities to ensure that applications are complete and points totals are accurate. Candidates whose applications are not accepted for SBI Fellowship must wait two years to reapply.

Waiver of Publication Points

If desired, an SBI member applying for fellowship can request a waiver of 15 publication points if he/she is able to demonstrate long-term, sustained, and verifiable activity in other categories of accomplishment as listed above. Candidates who are applying with the publications waiver must have a time in practice of 30 years, at least 50% of which in breast imaging. The decision to grant the 15-point publication waiver is at the discretion of the SBI Fellows Committee who may also elect to waive 2 of 3 first-author publication requirements for otherwise highly qualified candidates. If a waiver is requested, it should be accompanied by a one-page typewritten justification letter by the applicant. Additionally, the two fellows supporting the candidate’s application should be made aware of the waiver request and directly address the candidate’s qualifications for the waiver in their letters.

Please direct all application questions to Natalie Ward at nward@sbi-online.org.