SBI committee members are comprised of a group of dedicated professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help SBI carry out its mission, goals and purpose. Committee volunteers are the foundation for SBI’s growth and its success can be directly attributed to the many members, past and present, who have generously shared their knowledge and expertise. Learn more about SBI's volunteer committees below.


  • Committee member terms begin on April 1 and are valid for 1 year, renewable for up to 4 times for a max of 4 years of service.
  • Committee Chair terms begin on April 1 and are valid for 2 years, renewable for up to 2 times for a max of 4 years of service.
  • Committee members may serve 4 years and a subsequent term as committee chair for 8 years total.

Due to the large number of volunteers, applicants apply only to their top choice for committee service. Below are the many committees of the Society. Click on each for a description of their purpose, duties, and ongoing projects.

The CME and SAM Committee works closely with the Education Committee and helps execute future goals by assisting in the development of education products for Accredited CE and self-assessment.

Committee members develop SAM /CME questions for lectures that were presented at our annual symposiums. They also develop webinars for our popular SBI Summer Webinar Series.

The Task Force is a small group of volunteers appointed to work on special projects and initiatives to support the society in accomplishing the goals of the strategic plan through the areas of communications and advocacy.

The charge of the Fellows Committee is to review all fellowship applications and provide approval. Committee members will also help the Chair of Fellows engage current fellows in support of SBI initiatives. *Must be a Fellow of SBI (FSBI) to apply*

The purpose of the Match Committee is to continually improve and modify the current interview and offer process for both program directors and residents applying to breast imaging fellowship programs. The goal of the committee is to establish a fair and transparent process for future breast imagers, continuing to support the growth of the Fellowship Match for Breast Imaging. *Must be a fellowship program director to apply*

The Research & Education Fund Committee will work closely with the Chair to develop a Seed Grant Program designed to provide initial funding to support the development and launch of new and/or ongoing research projects. Experience with the grant process (application, review, acceptance, evaluation) is highly recommended to help develop the program and launch within the next 18 months.

IDEA will convene with a purpose to (a) identify the inclusion and diversity strengths, issues, and opportunities within all aspects of SBI; (b) develop strategies and plans to examine ways in which we include and exclude (however unintentionally) SBI members; and (c) systematically examine aspects of SBI to enhance its effectiveness and ability to meet the needs of a growing diverse membership.

** To ensure IDEA is effective and intentional, interested volunteers should consist of a broad swath of SBI members. Those representative of a racial/ethnic/minority group (i.e. people of color), lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, or a person with a disability are highly encouraged to apply. Interested members should complete the volunteer application form as well as submit a brief statement of commitment to

The International Education Outreach Committee strategically collaborates with new and developing breast imaging societies to support increased access to quality continuing medical education internationally. The committee supports and assists in developing international society education courses. This committee will be charged with strengthening the current international partnerships the SBI has made, providing resources including development of content catalogs for international societies and for developing online resources for international societies and its members.

The Membership Committee shall interpret the mission and purpose of the society to encourage qualified persons in the field of breast imaging to apply for membership. Committee members will serve as champions for the society and actively stay engaged in society activities to help promote the benefits of membership to current and potential new members.

The SBI Mentorship Steering Committee will be charged with the development of a Mentorship Program for SBI members. The committee will outline the program details: structure, timeline, goals and purpose, and program evaluation. The committee will also identify the criteria for selecting appropriate mentors and create an application process for selecting mentees. The committee will work through their first term to develop the foundation of this program with a soft launch tentatively scheduled for 2022. SBI is seeking several senior members with experience in mentorship programs, members who have been mentees and can offer insight and perspective from their experience (members-in-training, fellows and transitional members), and members who are passionate about creating an exciting legacy program that will provide an incredibly beneficial experience for SBI members for years to come.

The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to establish the content and editorial procedures of the quarterly digital newsletter, SBI News, for timely distribution to SBI members. The mission of SBI News is to empower and expand the diverse global breast imaging community through honest journalistic coverage of significant events, personal perspectives, scientific discoveries, and inspirational stories from all facets of our field for our members.

The purpose of the Patient Care and Delivery Committee is to act as a platform to help address issues facing breast imaging, while also developing white papers, statements, guidelines and research projects that can be promoted by SBI.

Members of the RFS Committee serve as champions for the society by promoting the benefits of in-training membership to colleagues, developing specific content and resources to help members-in-training navigate through their early careers, supporting social media activities to communicate the activities of the RFS, and developing yearly objectives to continue work on member retention and recruitment activities. For more information on the RFS Committee, click here to read the RFS Charter. *Must be a medical student, resident, or fellow to apply*

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Committee is to review and develop position statements, assess new technologies, review guidelines as needed, and establish the process for guideline and statement development.

The purpose of the Social Media Committee is to strengthen the image of SBI as a powerful and trusted professional organization, engage the breast imaging community while supporting all of radiology in discussions to build overall community, promote the society’s social media accounts, and improve the public image of breast imagers (and radiologists) as professionals.

The purpose of the Young Physician Section (YPS) is to create a community of early career members by offering opportunity for mentorship, networking, and access to learning resources that focus both on clinical and non-clinical competencies. The goal of the section is to help young and early career physicians develop a resource base that cultivates knowledge, leadership skills, and ultimately strengthens the foundation for a successful career in breast imaging.

Visit the YPS Committee webpage.