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Mentor Legacy Program

The Mentor Legacy Program is a tribute to the profound influence of mentors in shaping individuals' professional journeys. It serves as a platform for recognizing and immortalizing the invaluable contributions of mentors who have significantly impacted the lives and careers of others.

This program operates as a philanthropic initiative aimed at celebrating mentorship excellence across breast imaging. It invites beneficiaries to honor their mentors, their “Unsung Hero”, by contributing to a dedicated fund in their name. Donations can be made by individuals or organizations seeking to pay homage to the mentors who have played pivotal roles in their professional development.

For a small donation, minimum $25, you can honor your mentor by placing their name on this recognition board.

Donations collected at the SBI Breast Imaging Symposium will be specifically earmarked to create an education scholarship program with a primary focus on workforce development. Each scholarship recipient will receive an award which will be designated for travel, housing or additional cost related to attending SBI in-person events.

Suggested Donation: